i feel that i cant love or be a good friend opr future spouse. i cant even cry normal i lost my tears, but always was a very crying girl with strong so lost heeeeeeeelp.
hurme hurme 18-21, F 7 Answers Dec 18, 2011

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I agree about taking your thoughts too seriously. One guy I read sometimes says to remember that "ideas are not facts". I also think that volunteering is a very good suggestion.

You're approaching the age when your adult relatives are going to start treating you like an adult instead of treating you like a little girl. Your mother's always going to act like a mother, but she's soon going to be more like a friend than an authority figure.

To get to the point, if you have a big family and you're close with some of your adult relatives, you could lean on them a bit, too. Start building relationships with them on your own, as opposed to involving your parents.

Go out of your way to be nice to your favourite relatives, your grandparents and aunts and uncles and even your mother. Go visit a couple of different relatives every week, give them a hand with their chores, bring them gifts like cookies or handmade clothing, or maybe have a couple of different relatives over for dinner every week.

This solves two problems. You'll have some good company on a regular basis, surrounding yourself with people who love you and whom you trust. By making the effort to be generous, you'll be opening your heart up a little bit, as well.

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stop being self centered searching for things that only please you! Look around, pay some attention to some people and detect a way for helping them in some way! Make secret hints that help without being observed! Smile to others and salute them!

And... This looks weird but actful! Clean the toilette room at ur house daily for ten days! This can minimize the coky spirits that hinders feeling of affection!

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Have a look inside your mind

Take fright at what you see

You must face the truth to find

The key to being free

On the road to inner peace

You must make a start

And you will not get lost

By following your heart

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