So I told this girl I had a crush on her and I am straight but shes bi, she would flirt, message me all the time, she almost kissed me one time though i acted clueless and walked away. It wasn't until I told her I fell for her she distanced herself from me... then when I said I was joking she got the ***** and got angry at me. Could anyone tell me what they think about this? I need an outsiders perspective on wtf actually was going on. Be as harsh as you want my hearts already broken and I can't imagine it being any worse.
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Nothing was going on other than in your mind. Move on and find a real relationship.

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In my mind when she went to kiss me? Told me I was the only person shes ever connected with.. tried and failed to get me to come into her room and snuggle in 40 degree heat? Its not in my head its just a big mess

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That girl has issues

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