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Does posting it put it in here in Q's and A's?
TrackyDaks TrackyDaks 36-40, F 2 Answers Apr 29, 2011

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<b>if i’m not mistaken, i believe the “post” is for <i>comments</i>.</b><br />
that is the only place i can remember seeing that word.<br />
if i find an instance of this appearing elsewhere, i’ll let you know.

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"Post It" means the same as submitting it. But you do need to click that button. What did you do after you finished writing it? You can always check the place you wanted it posted at & see if you can find it.<br />
You can also click on your name at the top & to the right at the top of any page and on the drop down menu click on "My Stories". If you can't find then you'll have to write it again and this time, before you leave that page, be sure to click on the "Post It" button.

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Ah ha it seem to be where I meant to put it alright. Yes I selected "submit" underneath where I'd types it in. Then "Post your story" appeared up the top right of the screen. I didn't click it, didn't think I needed to.<br /><br />
Thank you both heaps

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