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Well I'm 19 years old and I'm a virgin.Typicall yI'm okay with being a virgin,but what I'm not fine with is where my life has took a turn.In highschool I did drugs-n-alcohol so in addition to my shyness it made it worse.Currently I have no friends is it to late.My grades in school werent all that hot either,I skipped to do drugs.I didnt know many people in school either.Now I'm one year out of school no friends,no social skills, still living at home just lost my good job a t home depot due to the fact i cant fit in.I wont to go to Job Corps to further my education.But I'm worried about being an outcast and not conversating w/ any one.Because If i do conversate w/ people its usually like I dont know what to say or comeback w/ so it gets awkard.I know I should'nt worry about that but I want to grow and be more confindent but its hard.So citizens of EP please help w/ advice.
lonleystoner lonleystoner 18-21, M 5 Answers Jun 10, 2012

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Put your priorities in check. Get off the dope because they will drug test, go to job corp because thats the only thing going for you now, and dont worry about the virgin thing because that will come later. At least you dont have to worry about std/sti and/or child support. Who knows you could meet the love of your life at job corps, stay positive.

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Start applying everywhere. I don't have any other advice as my situation is similar.

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