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I have lost everything of material value.I have many health challenges to overcome.But i have many blessings in my name.

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I think that we all will at some point. The question is if we will give it, or put up a fight.

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Job only lost everything physical. He NEVER lost his faith in God (although he came close). And God gave him back more than he ever lost.

It’s hard for anyone to say for sure unless it really happens to them. And although I hope it never happens (to anyone), I hope I could stay true to God even if I had nothing.

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It is not something I would wish on myself... though I have gone through many losses of childhood, family, career, and securities... in a way I am my own Job. Though he slay me, yet I DO trust HIM!

Not easily, but faithfully with wreckless abandon.

OUCH, it hurts!


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I am going to challenge the thrown, crazy I know. I think though it's not about how powerful you are..

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