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how's my sample answer? . . . I'm applying for the Technical Support Representative position. I've studied Computer Science and I'm quite knowledgeable about the computer's operations in Windows, but I'm willing to learn other operating systems if needed. Even though I've never worked before, I am a quick-learner especially when it comes to technical stuff and different kinds of software. I also try my best when solving problems. I believe that every problem has a root that I just have to find. Also, sir/ma'am, I will be punctual at work, and I have no problems with graveyard shifts. I will deal with customers with empathy and courtesy. I will always try my best to be helpful. ..what else can I say? is this answer good enough? I wasn't punctual at all in college, and it could be a major problem if they ask about that. However, this is different, this is work, so I promise to myself never to be late or absent anymore. i hope my voice won't shake again. Confidence is the most importa
prodigarl prodigarl 18-21, F 5 Answers May 3, 2012

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Oh God... just reading the question made me feel sick.

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