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mythology and fantasy.

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fun stuff

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very fun!

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Me I like Abstract works, and figurative works that are expressive.

Works where the artist has abstracted the figure to express emotion or

express some other idea or to get a point across > are very cool.

I also like it when artist use symbolism and words in their works.

Picasso's later works, Jean Michael Basquiat, Johnathan Borofsky, Kandinsky,

Jackson Pollock, Lucian Freuid, Paul Klee, and other Brut artists and Outsider artists are what I like mostly

also stuff like Jasper Johns, Kathe Kollwitz, and Roy Lichtenstein

are very cool.

I like stuff that is expressive and not ordinary

I do not like photo realism. Because just copying what you see just

to copy what you see is not art to me. Art has to be about something.

A camera can copy what it sees faster than a person can see

so what it the point. I want a human to do what a camera cant do

and that is Think and express and go beyond just copying what you can see.

I like what Picasso once said. 'There is no such thing as a painting about nothing'

I understand his point. A painting should be about something

it should express an idea or an emotion or get a point across in some way

and I also think that an artist should seek to do things differently then

how they have been done before... seek to express things in a new way.

copying what has already been done is a waste

Seeking to go beyond what has already been done is where its at.

GENIUS and originality.

that is what I look for in a work of Art

Good luck with your art work

I would love to see some it!!!

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interesting,never did get into abstract art,but I see what you're getting at,my work is based on landscape renderings,I don't like digital art or integrating it into a traditional work,LOVE hands on manual art,your insight about art is artistic and creative in its' own,thank you,will be posting some of my work later

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As a profession artist for the last 40 years, it is very hard for me to single out a single style, or subject matter. To me subject matter is just a reason to make a good painting. Personally, I paint whatever I enjoy. I paint landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, and people. Sometimes animals. My knowledge of most wild animal behavior is very limited and the wild life art market is primarily clients who are experts in animal behavior and or hunters. I just don't consider myself in their league or qualified to paint authortatively (sp?) and accurately in their subject matter. Being able to draw or paint a lion in the wild is not enough. That is the easy part, Knowning the animal in every way is what's required. As Clint Eastwood said "A man must know his limitations." :-)

I love many styles of painting from Impressionistic and abstract, to photo realism. I know what it takes to do it right and it is not as easy as many think. I would bet less than 2% of the EP members could to a reasonably good drawing of a person and more like 1 % or less could paint one. This is not a knock. I think the same numbers or less would be accurate if I said brain surgery or moon or Mars lander engineer. My point is it takes a lot of training, discipline and constant effort and inch thick skin to be a good artist. Many think they are artist, but very few are. This is the real reason behind the idea that all artists are starving artists. Not true at all. I have at least 4 millionaire artists living within 10 miles of me here in Arizona and over the entire state there maybe 50 or more. Sadly, I am not one of them, but niether am I starving. My health has slowed my production over the last 12 to 15 years and a lot in the last 5 years, but I am not complaining or jealouse. I m happy for these artists. I have made a good living, live in a nice home I had built just for me and is paid for. A nice car and truck to drive, but most of all I count my many friends and clients as my real fortune. I have the greatest job in the world for me. There is nothing like connecting with complete strangers and stir emotions when looking at one of my finished paintings or drawings. What a compliment it is!

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thank you for your answer,good story,I'm a landscape artist and my prefered medium is colored pencils and prismamarkers,and line drawing with finepoint pen,don't draw portraits of people,but do incorporate them into my renderings,drawing photorealistic people is very difficult agree,thanks

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A combination of symbolism and surrealism in a semi-realistic style.

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Connected abstract.

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I like very basic and simple everyday things like fruit in a bowl, or a soap dish by the sink or a steaming bowl of porridge, or a single happy faced viola dancing in the breeze.

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ya me to

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I love abstract paintings. A friend of mine gave me a wonderful abstract painting, and when my husband looked at it, he said, "It looks like he just threw a bunch of paint on the wall" But, to me, it's more than that. I can sit here and stare at if for hours, and see so much within. I see something different every time. It's incredible!

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don't do much abstract

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Everyone is different, which is why art is so beautiful, in all forms. Even in my quilting. A friend of mine can make the same quilt, and yet, they look so different even though we used the same pattern.

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Sounds very much like watching clouds as they change shape and slowly move across the sky. Are you aware that a good abstrat is really just the begining of any and all good paintings and sculplture? True. I am not knocking your painting or trying to hurt your feelings, but a good abstract is a well thought out design. Throwing paint at a canvas can be done by anyone including monkeys. Someone once had monkeys throw paint at a canvas and a museum and several New York galleries appraised it and claimed it was a painting by Jackson Pollock! You may enjoy a short book by Thomas Wolfe (The Right Stuff and others) called the Painted Word. It is written as fiction but is really fact. If one knows the real history and artists of the "modern art" era they will be able to identify the fictitious characters Wolfe uses in the book. It is well written and a very fun read. Enjoy your painting. That is what they are really for and I in no way intended to take any joy you receive from it away from you. Enjoy.

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I agree.

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Abstract, always

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again not my favorite

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Too bad!

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i do paint too...dark themes (suicide,death,devil,blood,flesh...and anything bohemian)why,because they have being part of my life...

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