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Turned in my first job application yesterday, was interviewed an hour ago and got the job today. I start tomorrow. It's pretty exciting! But I only got hired because they were so desperate, and I'm just temp help until the holidays are over. I don't have many hours either and the pay is 7.25/hour. Sucks. I just keep running over what I said and wishing I'd been more social, talked more. I mean. it was MY interview, right? The guy (my boss now!) even mentioned I was quiet. Ughhh. x__X But I did well enough to get the job and I can do better from here, right? Sorry, I just have so many emotions right now. Any advice for starting off well at a new workplace, or being social and outgoing when you really just like to live in your head, etc? I had only had 5min to prep for the interview. Wish I'd psyched myself up more. Ugh.
loki12345 loki12345 18-21 4 Answers Nov 13, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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just do more temp jobs, i feel the same way about para aide subbing in the schools, ive never done it before and it feels awkward spending the day with children, im not used to it

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Deep breath, pat yourself on the back and relax a little. Good nights sleep and just be yourself the next day. Oh arriving on time helps : ) Congratulations.

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