Get the book, "Eat Right for Your Blood Type". There is a book that supplements that book. It is called, "Eat Right for Your Blood Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia. it is an A-Z reference guide. Together you will find your individualized solution in achieving your ideal weight, living longer, and staying healthy.<br />
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Do not diet. Instead change your eating habits. Strange as this may sound, I learned to not diet, yet to eat more by eating more meals through our day, but the meals are smaller. For instance, instead of eating 2-3 large meals per day, instead eat 5 smaller meals per day. The body has its own way of adapting. By eating more frequently on a regular basis the body will adapt to that it no longer needs to hord all the calories in the fat cells as it used to when it was in survival mode because it used to be deprived for too long between meals. You may think that your body would gain weight, but no, as the key is not to diet, but to change your eating habits to healthier eating habits. The body does not adapt right away, so be patient. <br />
1) Eat 5 smaller meals per day, morning, mid-morning, noon, mid-afternoon, early evening, and nothing after 7:00pm. <br />
2) Eat more fruit and vegetables, smaller portions of meat and starch. You may even switch from eating meats to eating other foods for your source of proteins. <br />
3) If you crave sweets, change to consuming hard candies. Change to reaching for sweet fruits. Like any addiction, the body will adapt by not craving sweets like chocolates.<br />
4) Drink more water between meals. Not more liquids. Many times people mistake the feeling of dehydration for the feeling of hunger. <br />
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Tip: When feeling impatient about weight loss, get excited instead. Stop stepping on the scale to weigh yourself so often. The body reacts to the emotion thats felt which trigger the brain to secrete a chemical that will cause you to gain weight. Get excited about knowing that weight loss programs the body will hit plateaus. Each time the body hits a new plateau it is either loosing weight or losing mass (inches). Therefore, if your goal is really to lose inches rather than weight, GET EXCITED!<br />
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You may want to implement an aerobic type exercise like walking a minimum of 30 minutes per day.<br />
Good luck!

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