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kablan33 kablan33 31-35 3 Answers Sep 21, 2012 in Romance & True Love

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Imagine a video of your daily life, from waking to sleeping. What do you feel good about? What needs improvement? What would you like to delete?<br />
Now think of how this "reel life" could be healthier, more rewarding, more fun, more blissful and peaceful. Finally, take steps toward implementing these meaningful things into real life. Find all the resources, human and otherwise, available to assist you and be proud of every bit of growth and preparation for your future.

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thanks for prppositions,,yes l agree with, l must start to prepare a like and dislike list. ok and also ; healthier-l must abrogate smoking, morning sport, lose weight...for more fun: l will do things which are inside these suggestions..and l am an angry man, l am feeling this, l am working in a bank, and its so hard, very crowded, and full of stress so l am discussing with people, l must find new ways at comunication with people more gentle..really l want to change a lot of thing in my life...thanks..

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