We all know the usual, what about things that are just irritating to you?
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Bad hygiene


Laziness in he lets people run all over him and his friends/family

Disrespectful to me or others

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Hairy Armpits

Crooked teeth

Picks their nose

Farts all the time

Never talks

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Well....there went half of my little country town! The other half have no teeth.

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ha ha, ok! You not fussy then!

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hell at my age I am lucky they can walk without assistance or a oxygen tank

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Lol at BUTCH

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yeah I just think a lady should be ladylike

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Sleeps around... alot

Thats all I could think of

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Disrespect, cheating, lack of social graces, poor hygiene, irrationally insane.

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1) Rude to others

2) Bad odor

3) Low self esteem

4) Drug use

5) My wife finding out

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1) Bad hygiene

2) Superiority complex

3) Critical

4) Clingy

5) Roving eyes.

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Roving eyes...please explain, i'm interested!

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Have you ever been with a guy, whose eyes move with every pretty girl who moves in front of his eyes? Thats roving eyes, lol.

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Not something I've noticed personally but I get what you mean. good point!

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Thanks. I know a few, some are my own friends, lol. They love pretty women too much.

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1)Consistently negative 2) smokes+smelly 3) Rude and stingy. 4) Loud. 5)poor ability to communicate.

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eyesore, short, potbelly, facial hair and bald

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Bieber Fans

Anybody that thinks the Hobbit is a spinoff of Lord of the Rings

Really long nails that just show me they have never done hard work

Hairy arm pits

Tree huggers... though that kinda goes with #4

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Really Clingy


Really stupid

No Common interests

Smokes Weed or does drugs period

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Oh and has and STD(s)

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i like your little add there...very wise, ha ha!

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Lol, cant forget STD's!

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1.) Substance addiction including cigarettes.

2.) High financial debt.

3.) Greasy skin and hair.

4.) Lack of ambitions.

5.) Just got out of a relationship.

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Arrogance, lying, not being able to hold a conversation, excessive negativity and obsession with status.

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Ah! I forgot to add lying to my 5, and that is top of the list for me! :-)

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1) Addictions (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, cigars, etc.,)

2) A history of cheating

3) The occupation of prostitute

4) A history of abuse (children, animals, or their lovers)

5) Being more than eleven years older than me or more than four years younger than me

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