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To a lady, it doesn't matter. It matters if she's "been around a lot". The more she's "Been around" the more it matters.

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i thought at one time it did, until the last person i was with...and i am very happy to say no size does not matter....its not what you have but how you use it.......taking the time to know the person you are with makes a world of difference... and lets just be honest....whats the average length of a middle does size really matter.....i guess it depends on how long and how fat your fingers are...ha ha ha

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It matters to a certain degree, but bigger isn't always better. Depends on the girl, what with everything is relative and all that. Girls are of as many different sizes as men, too small for an INDIVIDUAL is less desirable, and too large can be very painful...

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thank you creamsicle, for a beautifully diplomatic answer.

i ADORE women who DO think that size matters... and i myself am actually under-average in that department!! (don't try and work that one out - yes, i'm NOT your normal alpha-male!).

an old girlfriend of mine was completely obsessed by size (particularly girth) and was very open and honest about this. she had very nice, but quite small breasts... and she knew that i was a big-boob man. her view was "what's the difference - legs, boobs, bum... everyone's tastes are different!"

what i can't stand is that nearly all women reply with an instant and emphatic "NO - IT DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL". this comes from a good place - a respect and recognition of how sensitive most men are, about this subject. the majority of men, however, are not so much 'sensitive', but ACUTELY PARANOID!!

so, the girls reassure us, but don't necessarily say what they truly think... and the men make crass generalisations, like that a girl who favours the better hung man must basically be a ****! "of course she needs a bigger ****... after she's had so many!"!! (sorry redwirenut, but how can you bring yourself to even think that shite... let alone type it and post it?!)

hope this makes some sense.

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To some it seems girth is important and i definitely know some ladies are turned on by the sight of a big penis let alone the feel - an ex of mine was on a quest for big **** and had been often disappointed - even though our sexual relationship was good she still wanted more and I think it was eventually a deal breaker with all her partners (she was never with anyone for more than a few months and then she would want something more (she was'nt really into loving relationships - she was all about the sex)

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Yes, it does.

But that doesn't mean that bigger is better and small is bad, or that a single size is the best or only "good" size.....

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