Funny how you selected both Olga and Warners products. <br />
There really was a woman named Olga - she came from a family of corset makers in Eastern Europe and she started out making Garter belts at home - she invented many unique lingerie items and has around ten patents on file in her name. She died I believe in the late 1980's. <br />
Olga was a separate company from Warners which was a very successful manufacturer of lingerie. As the owners got elderly they sold the business to Warner who continued making their own line and some of the Olga products - primarily Bras and panties - they gave up on everything else - particularly the nightgowns and the specialty products - garter belts and shape wear. By the time that Olga sold out they were doing most of their assembly in Mexico but still from American textiles and doing the design work in the USA. Yes there is a higher level of design, construction / fabrication and over all quality in Olga Products and in particular the vintage Olga products are darn near indestructible and are highly sought after. I have purchased dozens of nightgowns, shape wear, panties and bras for my Wife, she likes them a great deal and she wears them regularly. Now she seems to favour Bras without underwire support but she does like and wear the Olga underwired Bras and the underwired one piece teddies and shapers. Given how well they are made and the size of the wardrobe - she will not be able to wear them out. More important than durability is design. Olga had a unique appreciation for the shape of women and she approached material selection and design/fabrication - she was better at it than anyone else and her garments all hug the wearer in as much comfort as her skin. She called it a secret hug. My Wife's already perfect figure looks even better wearing Olga panties with the centre seams up the back side in tight stretchy nylon and spandex - it is almost impossible for me to keep my hands off of her.

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