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Why do you just want to know if ladies have run over an animal? You got a dead animal fetish too??? This is a new one. smh

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Yeah and hes been PMing me trying to act all innocent :-/

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We live out in the country and hitting animals happens way more often that I'd like. I always feel SO terrrible. I've gotten:

a dove (those stupid birds don't even move)

a chipmunk

a groundhog (I was pregnant and cried for 2 days)

a black snake (they sun themselves in the road)

My husband was kidding me that I'll have to start putting tally marks on my car to keep track of my kills.

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I ran over a fetishist and it was fun :-D

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Yes, in the trunk of my car, is a WWll fox hole shovel (or in unnice words, latrine shovel)...the first time it was a bunny (suicidal, I know Now), I was bloody once I got to work, buried him/her off in the woods, it was a boss thought I finally got rid of my cheating husband in a drastic way - a good laugh was had by all.

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omg I ran over this turtle once, it was sooo sad. the poor things shell just ripped off of it's body...*cringe* I felt so horrible. I like turtles :( , I bought a cute little turtle ring in memory of him though :P

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