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Even though lots of dudes are going bald & even guys that are not are shaving it off...I would love to get some opinions on this subject. I am debating growing it back & getting a new style. I look really good for a bald man, head shape, tan etc...but the younger girls are just NEED hair & I like younger women. A wig is a big bother..fixing it so it looks natural & the expenses. It also is very unnatural in any kind of wind. Thing is more women fell for me when I had hair & I had the selectivity that I I have women that are fat, love motorcycle dudes, thug like dudes...I am none of those, so it just doesnt fit my personality.
jadeeast jadeeast 46-50, M 1 Answer Apr 23, 2012

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If it was a wig, couldn't you just take it off without shaving it? Then you could just put it back on and continue to be a babe magnet.

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no if I shaved my head...cannot blend a wig in with the hair that DOES grow if there is nothing you get it? I could however keep the hair the same length that the wig would be...the chicks think I am younger & better looking than George Clooney with the hair & not one person EVER thought it was not real. My own family has never found out that I was bald for the last 25 years.

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