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Work/school: I tend toward the collegiate. Even... anime ? I like short pleated skirts and boots or sneakers, button-down shirts with ties... or knee-length dresses with a button down shirt beneath. Alternately, the sheath dress is a wonderful option, and lends itself to every manner of high heel. In which case there will be pearls. I'm big on having props. I need something to play with to dispel my nervous energy.<br />
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Evening out: Simple and sexy. I want to feel feminine, so there may be slightly more complicated underthings, but over the garters and straps will be something with clean lines. <br />
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For attention is its own category ? I want the attention at work and at school and in the park, I can assure you. I can tell you what I wear when I DON'T want attention. Then my skirts are long ( still flattering, but less exposure ) or my pants looser. I refuse to wear clothes that don't fit well, but I might wear a sweater that ends at an unflattering length or button what ought to be left open. <br />
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Casual: At home, most often, nothing. Exercise wise I favor yoga pants with flowing legs. I like to feel the air on my body, and I don't really like to feel too covered up, so I look for slim jackets and thin la<x>yers.

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