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Christmas music playing soft and sweet...

Come over here and let me rub your tired feet...

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Oh how that feels good as you rub your fingers thre my sore toes I must say... Look it's snowing outside would you like to go for a ride in my sleigh...

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That sounds very nice and when of that we begin to tire...
We will go back inside and warm up by the fire..!!!

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Santa looks up and what do I see

my lovely wife laying underneath looking up at me!

and with a glimmer in his eye I swear Santa said please *** with me.

And,now I got plenty more to see. And of course I am so ******* horny. Santa said only after some head, I going **** you until you are half dead. My wife looked over Santa's shoulder and what did she see it was Prancer and Dancer licking her hairless ***** .

Santa was done in a flash and white **** was coming out of her gash and all I could here is Santa saying come one come all , got some more ******* to ball. Into sky and into her eye Santa departs with a glimmer in his eye.

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