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I was walking towards my Mosque. It was 5 pm or so. A young handsome man, driving Vespa stopped straight accross from me.. about 25 ft. I was keep walking towords him. Did not realized. About 7 ft, away, he goes " Girl, you look Fearsful!! I smiled, said " thank you" . He goes, I like your dress, it is beautiful. I said again, Thank you very much. He asked , where are you walking to? I said, to my Mosque, it is around the corner. He said, oh! have a nice day. I think He would offered me ride. I did not wanted to embrass myself telling him " I am Scare to ride Bike, Motrobike or Vespa"...
liescovertruth liescovertruth 41-45, F Jun 28, 2014 in Embarrassing & Funny

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