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I can stick to something and accomplish it.

I can solve unsolvable things if I understand just a tiny bit

I'm not held back by fear or emotion if I need to fight

I feel like a horrible murderer or something because I can think of creepy scenarios in my writing.

If someone isn't doing something I'd like them to do my way it's like their pinching my brain. "Put that box at that angle NO THAT grrr that no that that angle."

I can't paint out of fear of ruining the pencil drawing, it doesn't sound stupid to me but I know it is, I could always just paint the thing and see what happens but the paint dries too fast.

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Best personality traits: honesty, persistence, and lightness

Worst personality traits: too thoughtful or worrisome, shyness, and mood swings (I guess)

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friendly,helpful,empathethic easily frustrated, unsure, depressive

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Strong, Faithful, Loving, Gitty

Impatient, stubborn, and slightly insecure.

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funny, understanding, generous

deceiving, impatient,manipulative

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Happy all the time

Don't give a **** what people think

non decisive

Easily distracted

Easily Tricked into doing dumb things

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- Altruistic

- Patient


- Quiet

- Anxious

- Sensitive

Although sensitivity gives me a thrill for life and a sort of simple outlook, so it has its advantages.

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best im cool,i love laughing,im so cool

bad,i cost money,stubborn i hate you all

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Best.. bubbly, friendly, open minded : Worst.. dont have any.

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friendly, observant, witty (good)

sensitive, blunt, stubborn (not-so-good at times)

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best: objectivity, honesty, non-judgemental

worst: apathy, impulsiveness, self-sabotage

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helpful, caring, adventurous. stubborn, impatient, able to detach from a lot of people

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Sorry,I thought you were Dwight Shrute from "The Office".

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thats a huge compliment. Dwight rules!!!

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Procrastinator, greed, independent

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