1. Food 2. Music 3. Leopards 4. Camping 5. Winter
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Cool weather

Hot coffee

Warm friends


More laughter

.... and your username. Seriously, l don't understand it, but l like it.

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1.) The people I love

2.) Computers

3.) Blackberry cobbler

4.) Peanut Butter

5.) Movies

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My kids, my cats, my hobby, AA, my house

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1. Books

2. Great food

3. Dance

4. Friendships*

5. Music

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My God

My wife

My babies

My babies (they are twins)

My home

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1) chanting Hare Krishna

2) Kirtan

3) reading about Krishna

4) talking about Krishna

5) Helping others

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mushrooms (not the illegal kind ;)), guitar, food, pandora radio, tattoos

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Baked goods

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