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1) Schooling 2) Getting out of an abusive relationship 3) Changing careers 4) Getting married 5) Finding out I'm about to become a mother :) ... those are the main events in my life I'd say. :)

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1) the death of my mother when I was a young boy.

2) getting married

3) getting divorced

4) getting my master's and doctorate degrees

5) marrying the woman of my dreams

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good 2 have u back in the fold, old friend!

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Thank you. Glad to be back. Vegas was great! I played a few rounds of golf with my buddy while my wife and her sisters went shopping. We took in a few shows, did a little gambling, had some great dinners. It was good.

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1.) I lived when I should have died and saw people die when they should have lived.

2.) I left home, and went out and discovered myself without my past looming over me.

3.) I came back home when my family needed me.

I am not done be continued.

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# 1.Being thrown out of the house at age 16 and having no problem with it ! " I'm out of here "

# 2. Joining the UNITED STATES NAVY at age changer, life saver, it was not pretty on the Northside of Ft. Worth, Texas.

# 3. Being all alone in a land that was not my home not knowing anyone and making a happy life there..I learned alot about myself.

# 4.Walking out in the middle of a shift while working at a high end topless bar where I had an empty future ahead of me knowing it was now or later, if I wait 'till later it might be to late.

# 5.The birth of my son

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1) Getting my diploma. 2) Parents passing. 3) Meeting the man who now is my husband. 4) Becoming homeless. 5) Having a second chance.

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