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Easy tell her its time she moves on and gets her own life

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That sucks! What happens next is up to you. If you are okay with being her friend then do it. If you can't be around her without wanting sex or intimacy, then you may as well stop seeing her for a year or more. You'll need that time to get over her.

Go out and find a new girlfriend. There are many happy times waiting for you. Don't sit home crying about losing this one. Go out and meet new women. It'll be fun.

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To be Honest....I would ctt off all contact with her for a week.#1.

Let her guess what is going on.

Then if she asks youout as a freind...tell her " going to be at such and such...friday with some frinds....then show up with a really Hott girl...and be really happy"...

If you dont like that scenario....

And you think you still like her so much....and she still cares about you maybe...and is doing this for whatr ever reason....all i can tell you is this honest from the bottom of myheart.....If you keep calling and saying " why...i still care.....when did you start feelingthis way.....etcetc" is a big turn off.....weak is not sexy...

Im telling you....Aguy that plays hard ***...and says " That is your decision...But I dont feel we are freinds..I ve been busy with other things / people in my life...and righ now...I cant give you my attention as a friend or otherwise,,"....and just totally cut her off...Man...she will wonder WTF....and have to check it out...and may 2nd guess herself...ignore her calls for telling you....

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i'm sorry. i just broke up with my b/f and said the same thing to him. he was going to end our friendship but i convinced him not to. (long distance relationship).

if you find someone else and not take a interest in her, pretend your always happy and always talk about the other women. it will make her jealous as hell.

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Grow a set ..she doesn't spar your feelings why would you hers

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we can't help you to tell her that it's over.

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be friend and date someone else, move on with your life

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