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Someone that I've learned to live with.

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I don't notice it unless I have to acknowledge it. The mirror can be an abusive object and cruel torture device without reason, do yourself a favor and ignore it.

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I see someone gazing into the mirror. I only wish I knew what they were looking for.

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A canvas that has been splattered with paint over time but if you turn it just right it's rather catching. I think a few more splatters will make it a work of art.

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It needs cleaning

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That brief flourish

Of wonder

That happens behind

Our dam of tears,

As we're gazing in the mirror

At all the passing years.

Looking back at ourselves,

Fallen stars of regret

Reflect in our eyes.

We sometimes wonder

Who we are...

A combination of sunlight

And wisdom,

Our dreams are never too far.

Mirrors always


How much time

The fruit has been

Clinging to the vine...

Makes you pull nearer

To find

You are your friend

And you are the mirror.

So the issue is

Not so much to

See what is there,

But try to be kind

And be fair...

Mirrors are friends

When friends

Are not there.

Connifer/@Copyright 10/1998

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Someone that works with 30 over excited kids for 8 hours of the day

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I see someone who I don't want to be anymore. I see someone who needs to figure out how to be happy for herself, even if it means having to hurt someone else.

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I see a very unhappy woman....One that wishes her husband had a job.....her own home.....and could be the woman that her girls...and Grand children could look up to

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Someone spying on me... again.......

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Sorry but I'm not into mirrors

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Help! Where's my reflection gone?

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The shattered fortress that once bound me!

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Every time that I look in the mirror

All these lines on my face getting clearer

The past is gone

It went by, like dusk to dawn

Isn't that the way

Everybody's got their dues in life to pay

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Someone, totally messed up

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When I look in a mirror, I can only see an alter self as shallow as the reflection that it is, for depth in a mirror is only an illusion, while a real self is every bit as deep as any philosopher's creed.

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a middle age loser soon meeting death

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The "prettiness" is hiding again today.

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At first i see all the dark secrets, past mistakes, downfalls and flaws. The dirty parts that need cleaning. But if i take another look, a closer look, i can see my golden soul, the true me, glistening through the black spots. Yes, I see my flaws, but they just show me where i need to improve. And i see my golden spots reminding me that nothing is ever completely ruined and stained and that i can rub off the black spots and find gold underneath it all.

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