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not one was anything amazing ... all bloody useless.

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I don't know about percentages but I can remember two particular encounters that I had that taught me a lesson: I pulled a woman once who was absolutely gorgeous. She was a tall, slim and blonde woman who looked like a model. When we got back to hers, we started doing the nasty and it was...terrible. I don't think that it was anyone's fault really but there was absolutely zero chemistry and it was about as erotic as kissing your own hand. Anyway, another occasion found me doing the lurve thang with a young lady that wasn't what you would call beautiful in the classic sense but she oozed charisma and certainly wasn't shy. It was one of the most sublime experiences of my life and just how turned on I was couldn't be expressed in words alone. I learned from that that there is more to just looks that make somebody truly magnificent when it comes to 'doing it'.

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My "lays"? That is so crude.

I never had lays.

My intimacies?

They were enchanting...

(*if people only listened to the words they used, they might choose otherwise. But this person may have meant lays....One never knows these days on-line!*

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very very few were lousy

20% were awesome

the rest were merely fantastic.

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About 20/80 in favor of awesome ;-)

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Just realized I misread the question....thought you said 'days'. LOL! Oh well, I stand by the answer ;-) lol

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