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I understand your sorrows. I pray you can manage through this.....

Many people split up following losing a child, it is generally understandable.

Sometimes great losses like this create unhealthy relationships for husbands and wives. Leaving may actually help you two getting your personally space back and help you heal better.

Being together can mean 2 things: mutual support or guilt and blame. Instead of helping each other heal and get over the pain, husbands and wives may turn against each other. In that case it may be very harmful to both. Since you feel the need to leave, it may be the best choice.

Hope you come to a healthy solution. If you fear divorce, maybe consider a short term leave to help you time to grieve and heal.

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I think you need some help with your grief, please talk to your Dr and arrange to see a councellor, I know that you feel lost and grief stricken now, but with help you will start to feel better, grief is the worst emotion you can go through and you can often feel lost and suicidal, I urge you to seek some help and wish you all the best.

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((((hugging you tight))))

As a mother, I'm not even going to try and image what you're going through. Just know that I'm terribly sorry for you loss and am praying for your peace and comfort in time.

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I'm so sorry for you. I can't imagine anything worse than losing a child. I would say that you should seek out a professional counselor that can help you navigate your way through such a devastating loss and the grief. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

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Its a Natural Phenominon..a situation, no body escapes from..Time solves this.

Never be alone. Be with close friends, and Relatives. be occupyed with some work,

Beleive in yourself.

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The pain & feelings will never go away, but will become manageable over time. You will meet the child's Soul-sSelf Again, for this is An Enclosed-Sealed System. So, do not worry... You are only seperated 'for a little while.' Be Strong, for Life needs You.

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You will find no answers here, only in The Holy Bible.

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I was a religious person...Until my baby girl had to pass. since then I've had trouble going back to church or much belief of any god for that matter. not looking to debate just my opinion. I just want to disappear

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Its possible losing your child makes you think you are lost.

By lost do you mean passed away or he lives with his dad.

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