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Total respect for someone; a great attraction to someone.

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Someone who's into you as much as you are into that person

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Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

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nice. How about inhabiting the entire human and living race?

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A risky, over rated feeling.

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Has that ALWAYS been your experience?

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It depends who the object of the love is. Do you have one in particular in mind?

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Love is a blanket statement.

You love a food or a sports team.

You love a shirt or pair of shoes.

Love a movie or some art.

Political and religious views.

Love my job.

Love my family.

Love for a spouse and child.

All are loves, yet they all signify something different.

You love something that you can relate with. Something symbolic of you. Something you are willing to make a part of extension of you.

True love is unbreakable and indispensable.




and Ever growing!

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Never having to say you are sorry.

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Love story. ;D

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Almost word from word, from one of my stories:

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not submit to jealousy or anger...

Love is a verb. The internet sensation, Shay Carl, helped to teach me that. You don't just say you love something or someone, you show it. And you have to keep showing it, if you want to have long-lasting relationships with others.

In addition...

Love is a gentle breeze on a warm summer's afternoon.

Love is when you can know more about someone, just by looking into their eyes.

Love is a drop of kindness in an unforgiving world.

Love is mercy to the weak and a perfect weakness for the strong.

Love is in you, and can be shared between you and any other person, in different ways." That last part includes romantic or platonic love. I believe that we have the capacity to love everyone we meet- we just fill that meter to a certain amount for each person.

This much love= friend. This much move= like a mother. This much love= partner. That sort of thing. It's not something that's exactly "measurable" in the traditional sense though, it's more of what's felt to me :).

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Love is a made up word for a made up human emotion akin to meditation or ascension. There's nothing real or logical about it, I mean correct me if I'm wrong here, but by your own likely definition of what love is, it's uncontrollable. So does it just happen that every single relationship we have happens to be with someone we met?

Why do we fall in love with people after we've known them, if love existed we'd be able to "fall in love at first sight" I think very few people actually do, they have a physical attraction first, and then find they're quite compatible with the other person after.

I think it's rather obvious, love isn't a real thing. We just happen to be attracted to someone who we mostly either can or cannot become accustom to. You could fall in love with practically anyone, we're all basically the same.

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you are brilliant.

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A heart shaped c.u.m. stain on the bed.

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Could you please define the acronym?

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There are different areas of love and different definitions considering different people.

I'm assuming romantic love.

Someone that wants to be with you through the good and bad. Someone that puts you before themselves. Someone that cares for you no matter what happens. Someone that will hold your hand and never leave you. Someone that will disagree with you but still love you for it.

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I feel so fortunate. Grateful. Thank you.

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