If you were in his shoes that day would you have said the simple things he said and not have took gods words into consideration that you were wrong. Or would you have changed your mind listened and respected what he had to say even if you didn't want to agree with it but new he may have a grate point on your half and infact you just may be the dumb one with lack of knowledge form your own foolishness that could have been changed in that one intent Or would you have token the same rode?
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Ahhhh.......uuhhh...this lady on my right......

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Bible calls Satan the great deceiver, the father of lies, enemy of souls, destroyer, adversary

To Hell with him - Revelation 20

& Jesus won't need to soil His hands

Nor even an archangel

One angel casts Satan, the Antichrist Beast & the False Prophet into the Lake of Fire, to be trormented day & night forever

Satan AINT the torturer

Satan gets da worst punishment of all

Serve him right


"God laughs His enemies to scorn"

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God is your god and the devil is nobody"s.
The contexts your using got lost many years ago.

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