i'm in relationship n we both r vly serious about sometimes i feel he don't hav a single sec for he loves sleeping..i want to discuss wid him about everything bt his work load, calls, clients, n yes off course his sleep is a big problm to me....i know i'm wrong bt i feel like he hav no feelings now a days,,..i'm romantic,funny n want to enjoy every single min wid him...i'm listing lots of songs which dedicate to love songs...n he's boring nt interested in luv songs n movies...every time i'm making new surprise to make our love all is waste...i love ki he propose me in a romantic whenever i hav a amazing plan... his bro & all d selfish people create a big problm in our relationship...he is very caring man for all...n i appreciate at least he hav to give support to me also na.. wht about ma feelings n happiness huh :(
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How old is he? It might just be a growing pain of him transitioning from teen to adult... just as our parents feel we lose time and energy for them when we grow into relationships with others. <br />
Maybe try counseling? If not as a couple, maybe you could see one and they might be able to give you a bit more advice with knowing more of the story. Building a career can take a lot of time too. Heck I worked 70-80 weeks and was in the navy after that so barely had time or energy for my husband. I wanted to build up my skills and I was a bit more social than he was so when I had time, I also wanted to include my friends who I didn't get to see much of either. It took a lot of patients on his part. We have made 15 years this April

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Well you have to end it before you can think about moving on

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