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You can't make yourself believe something that contradicts your rational mind. It's intellectually dishonest. You either believe or you don't - based on a variety of factors. I can't make myself believe in heaven anymore than I can make myself believe in Santa. It's a rational decision that can't be dictated by wishes. Or at least it should be.

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Santa is made up, and that's a fact that can be confirmed. You can't confirm that God and heaven was made up, just believe or not. I'm not sure if being "rational" will get you to the truth. But it would be foolish to not believe something because it's not very rational. For example, many people believe, and use witchcraft; not very rational, but they wouldn't use it if it didn't work (that makes sense). Quite supernatural. On the other hand; many people believe in God, and are delivered and blessed.

Rational? Not sure, but it is wise to question the why of certain things. God is real, I just don't simply believe he is real, I know he is real. God bless you and lead you to the truth, sister!

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I think we create our own "hell"...its a state of mind.

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No, hell is not a state of mind. It's a literal place with a geographical location. It's inside the earth. God bless!

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I think it IS worth risking my eternity by not believing in Hell, because:

(1) Beliefs are NOT necessarily reality, scientists and others find this out all the time.

Since this is the case, in all likelihood one belief is as good as another; and I would prefer MY beliefs - formed from a lifetime of living and reading, to another's.

(2) The Old Testament accounts are similar to the Sumerian accounts, and it is surmised by some scholars that the Sumerian account was the pattern for the Old Testament. Their god-king, Anu, WAS a vengeful god, and didn't brook any nonsense from his people whom he created, because he created them to fulfil the role of SLAVES.

Jesus, on the other hand, seems to have being trying to promulgate a new way of relating to one's fellows and "God", through the Way of Love.

(3) Then along comes Man's Authority in the form of Roman Emperor Constantine, and says to the early Christian authorities, "Since you can't agree on what scriptures can really be the true Word, I WILL DECIDE what is in and what is out". Because he wanted to get unity in the Church.

Thus mankind's meddling hands, brain, and perceptions came into the revision of the Christian scriptures - and have continued to be active throughout the centuries, in translation after translation.

What is one going to believe? If one has not gone into it ONESELF, and run it past one's innermost heart to FEEL what is truth, one belief is more or less as good as another! If you don't KNOW by feeling what is the truth, you're likely to become an agnostic, and wait for further evidence to come into your orbit. If the concept of a vengeful god puts you totally off, you're likely to say, "I don't believe a Creator of All could be so petty - so I don't believe in God, nor in any of his institutions (such as Hell)".

Now, I will tell you how I see "God"...

I don't see "God" as a person, but as the Primal Life Energy from which everything was made. You are aware that science recognises that all matter is simply a transform of Energy (the Atomic bomb works by transforming a small amount of matter back into a prodigious amount of energy). To me, the Life Energy or Life Force that is the source of all manifested Universes and worlds, is the Unifying factor in which All Life Is ONE. I believe that It desires to experience Its Creation by living in every part of it; and wants to express Itself through Its Creatures - and the creature most capable of doing that on all levels from highest to lowest, is the Human Species. And that the Nature of that Life-force is LOVING.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it (until I have reason to do otherwise!). ;-)

Blessings to all readers!

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I used to believe in the everything is God kind of thing. People can confirm that in Astral Projection. And I've confirmed Astral Projection is demonic, satanic, dangerous, and once you turn to Jesus, Spirit Guides will turn into demons.

Besides the blessings of God are undeniable. Don't seek truth with reason, because you will fall for the trap. I almost fell, but I discovered the truth. God bless!

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I think believing in something out of fear just to cover your butt is rather foolish. Every single near-death experience mirrors the religious beliefs of a person. The concept of hell came from the myth of the god Hades and from my understanding of what I was taught as a child about the bible, hell was the grave. An ever-merciful god that makes people burn for eternity, how contradictory. Sounds pretty evil to me.

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If a god exist and he is just, he will not judge you based on your devotion, but by how you lived your life.

However, if a god exist and he is not just, you should not want to worship him.

And if a god does not exist, you will disappear, but you will be remembered by those who loved you.

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If god exists and is all powerful, all knowing, and created me, it created me to be what I am, mind and body, fully knowing what I would be like and feel, if it then went ahead and still created me knowing I would go to Hell by its own rules then it probably is not a god worth following in the first place.


You obviously misunderstand what I was saying, I said nothing about following another god instead. If I was to be sent to Hell, god would of known this even before I existed. So if it still made me knowing that then why would I follow something that created me knowing that it made me as someone that would go to Hell. I can change the "probably" to a "would not be worth following" if that clears up my answer? If any god, or "the one god", "the"god... "God" was to do this as I stated, then he, they, it would not be worth following anyway.

By the way... Earth is Hell, so yeah I'm already damned.


Hell is outside of Heaven... that is where Lucifer went... Earth is not Heaven so it is Hell. (And yes it is hell in other ways as well). I have no free will for I have been made as something I had no choice in, and God knew this, God knew I would hate the flesh it cast me into, God knew how I would think and feel. If God was to punish me for creating me as I have been created by it. Then I have been condemned either way. To misery in life as well as death. I would not follow something that would do this. And it knew this before I even existed.


I don't have free will for those would not be my choices if I did.

You also again completely missed what I meant.

Lucifer (the morning star, the light-bringer, son of the morning), isn't the Devil. Brought down to Hell to the sides of the pit. If Lucifer is here then I was right. Hell is Earth. God sent him and us to it.


Do this or else? That is not free will. That is punishment or slavery.


No chance to have ever be saved without Jesus? So basically you're telling me everyone from the very beginning that lived and died all went to Hell before Jesus died, simply because they died without Jesus because Jesus had not been born yet and even though God knew they would be, it still created them knowing it would send them all to Hell? You do realize that is total madness... it's almost like when a kid plays the Sims just to torture and kill them.


Don't forget human sacrifices.

You see how free will was taken away? I would have no problem killing stuff for a God I felt cared, but that choice was taken, now I'm just suppose to get down grovel and be a mindless slave to something that has cast me into a rotting flesh thing far from my form to suffer.


I said nothing about Issac. But if you want go check 2 Samuel 21:8 and 9. Or 1 Kings 13:2 and 2 Kings 23:20.

The serpent proved that God lied about dieing if they ate or touched the fruit as well as gave the knowledge of good and evil. And it seems to me God overreacted when they found out more about what is going on.

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1. There is only one God. You can't follow other gods, because they are false. God does not condemn you to hell, as you are still alive and reading this. But he will if you die rejecting him or in sin. You can't judge, or figure out God with your own thoughts. If you truly want to know God, read the Bible and pray (built a relationship with Jesus).

Now, do you think your eternity is worth being based on a "probably"? Satan and his demons play tricks on your mind. As naive as it sounds, it's true. God bless, brother!

No, earth is not hell, it's temporal life. If earth is hell for you, I don't want to imagine how the real hell will be for you. But, you are not "surely" going to hell, as you have free will. You can justify not following God just because he knows everything. Hmm, maybe you will be in heaven one day, maybe not. But if you willfully choose to NOT obey the Lord, you are surely condemning yourself. You shall be judge by your fruits. God bless!


I agree that it wasn't your fault to be born a sinner and with all the things that come from the flesh. But it is your responsibility to do something about it to overcome it. So by knowing good and evil, and the consequences of such, you have FREE WILL, and therefore you can choose heaven or hell by walking the straight, narrow path that leads to heaven, or the wide one that leads to perdition and hell. The surface of this earth is far from being hell. If anything comes close to hell, that would be the fire and magma that's inside the earth.

Also, Lucifer, or the Devil is NOT IN HELL!!! He is in this world with his demons tempting you and doing everything in their power to get you to go to hell. However, they will go to hell when the day of judgement comes.


No, earth is not hell, and I mean the surface of the earth, where we currently live. Hell is inside the earth, and we are not there. It is widely believed that Satan is burning in hell, but if you read the Bible, you will surely know that's false. God prepared hell for the Devil and the rest of the fallen angels (demons), but they will be sent there after the day of judgement. However, people can go to hell just after they die.

Lucifer, Devil, Satan, are names to identify the same spirit or entity. And again, no, just because Lucifer is on earth does not make the place where we live hell; and in order for you to believe you are right, you have to believe Satan was sent to hell and is in hell, but that's clearly proven wrong in the Bible; and that invalidates your conclusion about being right and exposes the logical fallacy.

You still have free will, as you can choose to pick up your cross daily and follow Christ, or else, which is the same as rebellion. Jesus (God) says that you are either with him, or against him. Even being a lukewarm Christian can get you to hell, as he doesn't like lukewarmness. It's THAT serious. Please repent and turn to Jesus. Jesus bless you!


It would have been worse if Jesus wouldn't have died for our sins. That would be, no chance to be saved. God bless!


Before Jesus came in the flesh, the righteous ones used to make sacrifices to God. For example, sacrificing lambs, cows, rams, etc. Many times for sanctification. But that was when they lived under the law (old testament). But we no longer live under the law, but we are saved by grace because of Jesus. But if you reject Jesus, you are rejecting his sacrifice for you, and you will perish if you die, don't repent, and don't turn to him. God bless you!


Human sacrifices? Issac was never sacrificed. God stopped Abram/Abraham before he killed his son. He was just testing his faith and obedience. Human sacrifice is forbidden in the Bible. Speaking of human sacrifice... God himself came in the flesh and sacrificed himself for us, including you.

Also, we are just living the consequences of the disobedience of Adan and Eve. You will not be judge by what they have done, but you will struggle because of their disobedience. Us as sinners, we are hell deserving as we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But he is merciful and is giving us a chance to be with him in heaven... or to be in hell if we want to, because he will not force our will. Now, if we didn't get a chance, that will be not having the ability to choose. The same would have been, if Adan and Eve wouldn't have disobeyed. We would all be saved, but we wouldn't be able to choose hell. It's vice-versa. Whether is being hell-bound, or heaven-bound, you wouldn't have the ability to choose. But you do.


2. Under certain circumstances, and only when we lived under the law. But killing (humans) generally goes against the teachings of the Bible.

God did not lied about dying if they ate or touch a fruit from the tree he warned them not to eat from. They were going to live forever, but now they became mortal because of disobedience. They were sinners, and SIN means DEATH.

Genesis 3:19

"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

Romans 6:23

"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

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For me, of course, it's not worth risking my eternity by just believing anything else or what i wanted besides from God. particularly those that can destroy me or lead me to sin.. I do believe that hell exists just as I believe that heaven exists.. And it is nothing more beautiful than believing that God is real - loving us, caring for us, forgiving us though not everyone believes in Him..

But have you ever think that God, who is perfect, is also loving and considerate enough to those people who are kind-hearted, good enough to avoid doing evil things, who are living a clean life and who avoid causing pain to others despite of the faith and belief he/she had grew up with, to still let them receive eternal life? I knew people who are like that... and i can say that they are indeed, still, worthy of receiving eternal life...though still, we don't know how would God judge them, knowing that He knows everything, even our simplest thoughts..

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The Bible states that God enables all humans to" know Him" through their conscience and other means. Everyone has the opportunity to "choose Him" or "reject Him". If you choose Him, He will choose you and you will go to heaven. If you reject Him, He will reject you and you will go to hell. You have a choice, you receive the mercy and love of the Lord or you receive the wrath of the Lord. It's all in the Bible.

Having a relationship with the Lord isn't just a belief. It's an experience. And the same goes for hell. It's not only going to be just a belief, it will be an experience.

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You're completely right. But not everyone has experienced God, so I'm using a softer word, "believe," to reach out to all people (mostly unbelievers).

Keep the faith, sister! Jesus bless!

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Lifes a game. Play it. No one knows anything for certain so believe whatever feels right to you. it doesnt have to feel right to anyone else but you.

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That will lead anyone to hell. Obey God instead. Jesus bless!

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I consider it a waste of life worrying about eternity, if hell doesn't exist then there's a whole bunch of people not living their dreams and wasting the only life they get on a pipe dream......

That being said I do believe in having good ethics/morals because I do believe that what you give out you get back in return and if you want others to treat you well and with respect then you have to all follow some kind of rules/law/order in at least a basic manner.

Following that line of thinking if there is a hell/heaven type thing later, and there is a god that says he loves us all as his children, then he's not going to send me to hell for not believing in him, as that wouldn't be very parental love type thing to do now would it? In fact it would be quite petty and vindictive.

So with that being said if a hell exists for those that do extreme wrong doings, then I'm in the clear.

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God is loving, but also just, righteous and holy. He will not let the wicked get inside his kingdom. You know about God, and you still reject him. I hope and pray that you don't die rejecting him, because you will eventually repent while burning in hell, and there is no going back once dead and in hell. You expect love from God, he does the same too. God says, if you love me, OBEY me. You can only know what he wants you to do by reading the Bible, which is food for our spirit. God bless!

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I think that those who say they don't believe in hell say so only to make themselves more comfortable with the choices they are making in life. Personally I live my life according to the writings in the bibie and in the bible there is definitely a hell. I once heard a preacher talking about living your life according to the bibles teachings. He said that if when he dies he finds out he was completely wrong abut God and the bible the he has lots nothing. But if you life your life according to yourself and life a life which is against the teachings of the bible and you are wrong then you have lost everythiing and you have lost it for eternity. It really gives you something to think about.

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I agree. Not so much with the "when he dies he finds out he was completely wrong abut God and the bible the he has lots nothing." as I am completely sure of God's existence and truth in his words. But it can be a great way to try to reach out to an unbeliever. Jesus bless!

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I am an ex soldier who was left disabled in a ski accident in 2000 and knows all too well about Biblical Truths.

In a nut shell a girl dies, is taken to hell and heaven by the Lord Jesus Christ.

She is shown Pope John Paul II, Michael Jackson & children as young as 8.

It is easier to share the story on a video and to get your attention........

Please watch from 48.30 for profound bits and to save time...... />

Guaranteed this will change the way you live your life.......Please share with your contacts.


Please listen to my testimony which will give you hope.

I welcome feedback

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If I were to pretend to believe in hell when I know deep down it isn't true, wouldn't God know the difference?

If you really think belief is a matter of coldly working out what benefits you most, that doesn't say much for your "faith". That implies you only claim to believe in God because you're scared he *might* exist, rather than because you truly think it's likely.

On the other hand, if that isn't the way you think why would you assume it's how anyone else thinks?

** You're so keen for others to question their beliefs, are you willing to question your OWN? Have you actually thought through the ultimate ramifications of the possibility that God is just a story not based on a grain of truth, or would you just dismiss that suggestion as "the Devil" trying to "tempt you"? At the very least, in order to empathise with nonbelievers you should consider that point of view. You have to come to terms with the fact that some people, honestly and after true consideration, simply do not think God exists, and do not think Hell exists, and still live moral lives.

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No, this is not about me fearing that he exists. I know he exists. I'm trying to make people question themselves, hoping that they will find out more about God and his word (hell included).

Yes, hell is a very frightening thing to think about if you even consider it. And it not be wise to be "sure" that hell does not exist and close your mind. Many heard about hell, but some people "grow out of it," which doesn't necessarily means hell is not real, nor that is a fairy tale or a myth.

Hell is real, and Jesus (God) DOES NOT want you to go there; the same goes for the rest.


God is real, and I have experienced his mercy and blessings. I didn't just believe in God because someone told me to, in fact, I used to reject him and view him as something that was man-made. I found God to be true recently, alone with his word. This isn't about considering other people's beliefs. I found the truth, and I NEED to share it in one way or another.

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I absolutely believe that not believing in hell is worth risking eternity, because first of all it doesn't seem like much of a risk to me since i don't believe it (duh), but also because I would soooooo rather believe in something because it is actually true than believe it because of what could possibly happen if i didn't. comprende?

**I'm not going to believe in something just because other people do. Worrying solves nothing. You think I haven't thought about this stuff? I have. You think I am procrastinating on this? I'm not. I like to think about things before i make a decision :) Why do you believe I'm going to hell? Have you ever thought about it in my perspective? I don't dismiss the possibility of hell, which means I really am risking eternity in hell to believe in what I believe...however small that risk seems to me now (at one time it was huge) it still exists of course. Have you ever thought about that? That someone would risk the possibility of an eternity of suffering because they would rather search for the truth for themselves rather than believing what others tell them to be true? Because that is how I see what I am doing...even though i don't believe in hell, it doesn't mean i believe hell can't exist (notice the distinction between not having a belief in something and having a belief that something cannot causes lots of confusion as i have found out)...anyways, I hope you can see now why I don't believe what you believe. Have you ever thought about what you risk by believing in hell? not that it matters a lot to me, you're just one of many many people who choose to believe in it or something similar. I can't change your mind and you can't change mine...our experiences shape our beliefs, so good luck to you on your search for truth.

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Believing NOT will not save you or decrease your chances from going to hell if you don't repent and turn to Jesus. So you should worry a lot more about risking eternity. And think about it: I'm not the only one who says it. Many people have experienced God, his mercy, some have experienced his revelations, etc. Never wondered why? Don't leave it for tomorrow! Also, what makes you so sure that something else is actually true and not what I'm saying? God bless!

I was told about God, and always rejected him. I was an atheist in the past. I found the Biblical God to be real by myself. And it didn't start with the Bible. I'm giving you the truth! God is real! I became a Christian like about a month ago! Check out my stories, I only have like three. I became a Christian on August 13th, 2010!

I don't want you to go to hell! How can I help you!!!??? God bless!

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If I am an athiest who doesn't believe in god or heaven or hell then to me, there is no risk involved because I don't believe I'll be punished for not believing.

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Believing or not does not alter the reality of hell. There is risk involved, because believing or not does increase or decrease your risk of dying and eventually going to hell. That is, without repentance and Jesus Christ. People can believe, but if they don't repent and turn to Jesus, they will perish (most believers try to seek God). For atheists is worse, because they don't even question the possibility of God being real, along with his word.

There is risk involved. People can die as unbelievers and without repenting; they can be cast into the lake of fire (you are still alive, but you can die anytime, that is risk). Now, dying as an unbeliever... there is no longer risk in that; that's surely instant eternal damnation. It's in the Bible. You can choose to believe or not, but you will perish if you don't repent of your sins and accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. If you read this, don't repent, die, and go to hell... you will probably remember this in regret while literally burning in hell. But if you change, repent, and turn to the Lord, you shall be saved. God bless you and keep you.

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