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as couples we r friend.he persued me & i gave in i'm older.we got into a sexual relationship & we both deside it would be no strings attached.he is always there when i need him & has promised to always be there 4 me,when i call & so far has been.he bought me a few gifts & da last gift was given to my husband & told it was 4 us.however when we were alone i was told da gift was actually mine a cd of david foster & freinds.i have developed strong feelings toward him.he & his wife live in different provinces. he has told me he wants 2 try & work things out between him & his wife.i respected this & tried to back off.we see each other often as he is in my home always & all seems 2 be under control.couple off weeks ago i called to c how he was doin as he was away & did not c him 4 a month.we got together made love & desided it was the last as he was going 2 try & work on his marrige.later i called him 2 c if he was ok,he said yes but sounde like he was you think he could be inlove with me.when we started out he told me he does not want to brake up my home as i have worked hard to build this,and knows how much i love my husband
abyhaile abyhaile 36-40 2 Answers Apr 4, 2011

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Only your heart can tell you the right thing to do. There are many consequences to face if you both decide to get together. It will screw up many lives and not just yours. Think about whats involved. Remember the grass is not always greener on the other side.

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