Thank you for your answers the question was not about me but about someone I know , She is having an affair with her boss while married and makes it all her husbands fault???
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Well she was at one time attracted to her husband, she did marry the poor guy.

I am not one for cheating, however when one person cheats it is morally the cheater's fault 100% for the act, however the thought of it is both of their fault. He is obviously doing something that is not satisfying her, something that she can obviously get from her boss - considering she has put her dignity, marriage, reputation and a$$ on the line for it. She's wrong in blaming him for her actions, but she wouldn't be so wrong if she said that he pushed her towards him.. spouses tend to only stray because of their partners inadequacies. She SHOULD HAVE told him about her change in feelings towards him and figured out what he needed to do to become attractive to her once again... cheating is always the wrong and most destructive resolution.

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Marriage ?

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That is the easy way out

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One word: DIVORCE

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