Anyone knows how to solve this? You go to two friends and borrow 25$ from each. With 50$, you go and spend 47$. You decide to start paying your debts to your friends so you give each one a dollar and keep one for yourself. Now you owe 24$ to each of them. 24+24=48, plus the dollar you kept, 49$. How do you start with 50$ and end up with 49$?
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You still owe 48 dollars...which could increase based upon interest, have you paid taxes on the fifty dollar sum?

You my friend owe more then you realize.

I can lend you some money at five percent interest, but I will need collateral in order to satisfy the parameters of our agreement.

Do we have a deal?

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....see this is the feckin problm with the dollar ....stick to the Euro in which case it wouldnt matter a noggin of goat shite how much you loaned cause what the hell were all friends and we would drink the money anyway !!!!!

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You are mixing your debits and credits across the accounting margin. You owe $48 (debit) and you have $1(Credit). If you pay your loan off you only owe $47.

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Okay you don't have 49 dollars owed. You were loaned 50 Dollars between your two friends. You spent 47 dollars and had 3 dollars change. You gave 2 dollars of that three dollars change to each of your two friends evenly. You kept 1 dollar dishonestly and still owe 47 dollars. So in total it has left you owing them 48 dollars. So you still only owe them 24 dollars each.

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your asking the wrong person and site XD

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