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Nurrr! D: *scurries for books on algebraic topology* Don't let my playful words fool you, though. I actually am feeling quite depressed. :S
MathematicallyMindedFractal MathematicallyMindedFractal 18-21, F 1 Answer Aug 25, 2014 in Health

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maybe all you need to do is tell us which cohomology classes in Hk, k(X) come from complex subvarieties Z?

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Well, you've given me something to google, alright :V

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now :D everyone wins

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Augh, I can't wait until college. Or at least, I need more books on topology. This stuff be like p0rn to me... but I can't comprehend it at the moment. It's like... teasing me... stuff that I know is sexy, but can't see the full picture of... it's torturous D:

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woot! :D

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I also need some Tums.
I'm too young to be getting acid reflux *_*

But anyways, ya :V At least sooner or later, we'll be getting into the real, real smexy parts of calculus... and homework won't be a pain for me xD

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