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I'm overly dramatic and i have some trust issues with him he's been nice to me so far and respectful and i just keep bitching about things over and over because i'm still hurt and feeling bitter and it's causing me to literally want to scream andn punch him, we have gotten into physical fights because i wont shut up it's been going on for a while and i know i need counceling to get over the pain he has done to me, and i know i am causing him pain because he's trying his best **** ):: he's giving me the cold shoulder i'm scared ;/ i apologized to him try to make up and i love him dearly damit and i feel like i am ruining it when i don't even mean to my anger is like overflowing to the point where i can't even keep my mouth shut!!!
Soups Soups 18-21, F 5 Answers Feb 3, 2014 in Health

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Get away from each other and find someone else it will never work

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dear life isn't a drama...treat your relationship seriously and stop being a drama queen...mover over stop crying ...u'll be happy n successful in this affair

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