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Tunya Tunya 36-40 4 Answers Apr 23, 2009

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Only you can determine what your dream means ,,, you are the only one that can analyze it to be truthful ... any good book on dream definition will tell you that ... but somethings that will help to define it's meaning to you .. will be ...!- what is/was your financial situation at the time of the dream?( sometimes stress can dictate our dreams).. 2- how did you feel in the dream... were you happy , grateful, needy... did you feel that this was a gift to you..? 3- what was your relationship with your aunt 4- look at the over all view of the dream , was there any other familiarities about it ,place ,, setting ,, other people ... 5-- look to see if within that dream if there were any numbers to associate with this dream... time, addresses,,, number association to the connection of the dream... What over all transpired in that dream or was that the only fragment that you remembered.. Review your dream as if it is a story .. look for the attention to detail as best as you can and you answer these questions .. you'll find the answers that you want.. good luck..

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Receiving money in dream denotes earthly prosperity. Giving of it denotes ability to give money ;)

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to dream of money you have financial worries or concerns, and to dream of your dead auntie well that could be a number of things. But family values come into this and it depends on your relationship with your aunt, it could be something in them that you either liked or disliked?

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