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Psychological disorders are on the rise, yet it only seems to me that middle-upper class families are being cared for. In situations like high school classrooms, what you're seeing is wealthy kids getting even more support with official "excuses" for performance (and drugs to supplement their already advantageous academic positioning) which only leads to a further widening gap between less fortunate students who may not even have the opportunity to see a psychological specialist to begin with. This leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, and it annoys me every time I hear someone speak of the "seriousness" of these newfound "disorders" among this nation's youth. Thoughts?
skepticalandannoyed skepticalandannoyed 22-25, M 9 Answers Jan 16, 2013 in Health

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I dunno kids who are not wealthy seem to be mentally stronger

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To be honest,these psychological disorders have been around for years,they are now bringing it into the light. You know that the world center their whole life around money and the poor or disadvantage people who don't have the riches to get treatment they fall between the cracks. Life itself is not fair, this is why education is so important in a person life. Even if you don't get a real good paying job,you have the knowledge and knowledge is power and no one can take that from you.

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yea, it seems like aid to medical offices so the practice can reap more money out of broke loons.

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