I'll elaborate: I'm a Roller Derby girl who has a pretty strict fitness regime (endurance combined with core workouts 3 times a week for 3 hours), and I've been told by that many different people, "Eat tons of carbs before and after" or the opposite of that, and that many other things, with all this conflicting info I'm just wondering if there's any fitness nuts out there that could give me a run down on what works for them? I'm a relativity healthy person, but I'm just curious if certain foods (other than the painfully obvious!) can undo/hinder all your hard work? Any opinions or advice very welcome :)
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It really depends on your goal. At a basic level if you avoid all fat, the boiled chicken and boiled vegetables regime, heavy on the potatoes for the carbs, then you'll get ripped fairly quickly with regular training. If you go heavy on carbs and keep a regular healthy regime of eating then you'll bulk up. Roller Derby, to my thinking, is a balance between an athletic figure and strength (correct?). That being the case I'd increase fruit and vegetables, cut down on red meat and up white meat, especially fish as it is high in protein.

For professional advice see a dietician or a doctor with a background in sports science, your GP (local doctor) should be able to recommend a good one.

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Thanks Milander :) And you're right that's in a round about way what Derby is, balancing agility and core with strength. Cheers for the advice - I'm easing back into eating white meat at the moment as I was vegetarian for a bit over a year so it's been interesting, started of eating salmon and fish twice a week in order to get used to it again.

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cool, wishing you lots of success in the derbys and keep up the training xx :)

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