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awwwwx) u lol u could do a show with puppet and then mail it to him like cool thing

This is one I made for you because you seem cool,

Frederick: I want to give you a preshent marro

Mario: Yeayyyy!

F: Yeayyyy!

F: So, do you like it?

F: MARRO!!!!!!

M: Um, vash is thesh?


F: yea....?

M: I wash ashkin what thesh ish FEDEWUKK!???

F: It's a ****.


M: fedge.........

F: I said it's a shiute.

M: Do you meann 'Shirt'?

F: Yah......

M: lol

F: lolol


This is the last thing I concentrate on today.

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Add your own drama or else wait till I get puppets and know how to use them.

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When I was in Afghanistan my gf sent me a small box that contained lots of tiny notes, all rolled-up with tiny ribbons on, so each was a little scroll. They only had a few words on each but they were numbered one for each day, for a month. I opened them religiously,each one on its specific date, before I went to sleep. It's the single most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me.

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tell him you are "Gung Ho " for him . he'll wonder how you know that phrase . its a chinese motto used by old Marines .

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