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Moon & Mars are in our reach. We can find a pin from the depths of Pacific Ocean. We can scan billions of emails people send to each other every day. We can tell pin-point location of a person only by tracking its cell phone's SIM. We can even hear to what people talk in bedrooms. Nothing is hidden from us. But we cant locate a Boeing-777, that is 70 meters long, and carrying 239 humans. [ a secret conversation between NASA, CIA, FBI, and the intelligence agencies of rest-of-the-world ]
chotajhakass chotajhakass 22-25, M 5 Answers Mar 13, 2014 in Community

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Then get your *** out there and find it. You are the one with the answers, so do it.

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a girl i know's relatives were on that plane, but apparently they found some wreckage

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