i have alot of issues with my family so i will NEVER chose them what matter happen. some times money can buy happiness but some times money can't buy happiness, so money is not a good choice. can always make new friends. The one and only true love, i can't buy it, if i lost it it gone for ever. so i will chose TRUE love. (only true love)
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click "here" > listen online > choose what year > choose which true story


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1 you can't ever chose family- because you are born into it (so it was given of no choice of your own)

2 friends will come and go- help and hurt (they are like an extent of a family you chose)

3 money is never truly there (it will slip out of your hands)

(the more money- the more problems)

(people who always seek more money are never truly satisfied with what they have)

when is it truly ever enough?

4 true love is an wonderful (idea/emotion) that is not at all 100% absolutely guaranteed constant (there are always consequential dilemmas that break even the strongest bond with time) as an example are all the divorce rates

THERE IS NEVER 1 absolute correct choice

In a Sense if the question is

if you woke up

to find all BUT one missing from your life which would you never part with

1 you could fall in love- with so many people- the person you think is your true love might not be the person in front of you but instead someone in another country

2 money would be of no importance if everything else was gone

3 friends will always come and go just like family (they move away or worse die)

but the bond to some members is stronger than others

i would chose my own family

underneath all the baggage- there is a true essence of love- acceptance- and fortifying will to prevail when things seem wrong

like that between a parent and their offspring-

family could imply a range of people- (from spouse- children- parents -siblings and in some cases friends)

in a way, this is all anyone really needs to be happy

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True love, hands down. Though, man I wish I had more money. Its hard to struggle!! Wouldn't be worth having the whole world if you didn't have someone to come home to.

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When you really find that one, you'll know there's nothing else that compares.

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I'd chose true love everytime :-( x

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The one and only true love.. my family will support me and understand what I am going to choose. Money is always there...

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True Love.

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