NO!!! Ever since my son got married last year I rarely ever get to speak with him or see him, because they are always busy doing stuff with her parents & it is really starting to hurt my feelings! I guess I feel worse because I always had a special bond with him, not that he was ever a momma's boy, but he was always very open with me and always seemed to value my advice or explanations on things that bothered him. And I thought I would have an excellent relationship with his wife because I had known her for quite a few years before they got married and she was always just the sweetest and most thoughtful girl, and I treated her like my own daughter. <br />
But it has all changed, they never even sent me a birthday card or xmas card. <br />
My mother used to always tell me she felt bad for me because I never had a daughter, because one of her fav quotes was "a daughter is a daughter for the whole of your life, but a son is a son til he takes him a wife."<br />
I have no idea where she got that from, could've been some old Spanish saying, but I can certainly see it for myself now....kinda glad she's not around to say "I told you so!" LOL!<br />
btw, I always encourage my husband to call his mom!!

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