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It's surprising that whatever a Muslim person does is objected or seen as his religion not as his human behavior. Very silly!!!!

While many non-Muslims are committing crimes and killing innocent people every single minute without even getting or being mentioned by the media or even the authorities.

People get over it and stop accusing the Islamic religion for peoples behaviors cause Muslims are human beings not angles like any Christian or Jewish human being who does terrible mistakes.

Good and bad is everywhere regardless religion.

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When Muslims are doing it for Jihad, they are CERTAINLY doing it for their religion.There have been over 18,000 Islamst attacks in the last 10 years. I'm not talking about murderers and attacks who happened to be Islamic, I'm talking about attacks carried out BECAUSE of Islam.

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Do you know what Jihad is???
And why Muslim people do it???
The definition of the word "Jihad"In the Islamic religion has many aspects and doesn't just include defending and it certainly doesn't mean killing innocent people even if they aren't Muslims.

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Muslim people of fighters who do "Jihad" do it cause of self defense against those who are killing their families,raper their women,take their lands or even force them to believe in stupid statues or anything that has nothing to do with GOD. I admit that nowadays cause of the way Muslim haters are treating Muslims everywhere like in Palestine,Iraq,Lebanon and many other Arabic or Islamic countries some groups are attacking the countries or nations that are involved with what is or happened to many Arabic countries. Like the 11 September attack that is completely forbidden if you really follow the Islamic laws cause we shouldn't kill innocent people even if their parents are murders.

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"Jihad" means to go against what you strongly want and to sacrifice for what's good for you and for others. It means to do your best in everything whether it's working,praying,or even tolerating your sufferings and poverty to do the best you can to beat any pain in your life.

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