He is like my little brother and the only people he will kinda talk to it about is me and my sister, I feel so bad. How can make him feel better?
CaitlinStar CaitlinStar 13-15, F 9 Answers Mar 26, 2012

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Tell Him That In The Place Hes At Now And That From Where Hes At Watching Over Him He Dosn't Want To See Him Sad

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We lost two dogs a year apart when my kids were 7/8 and 10/11. It is tough on them, but they bounce back well.

DON'T go buy a puppy for him! Let him have some time to miss his friend - it's part of the grieving process and a puppy can't just replace your old friend.

Let him cry and have him share the special times they had with you, and then explain to him that those are the things he should remember about his dog, not the end.

Have him make a special card - he can say whatever he wants to his dog in this card, then put it in an envelope for him to bury with his dog or to put in a special place that only his dog will know where it is.

These were all things that worked well for my kids - twice...

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Thats so sad.. ;'(

tell him a story about how his dog had to go to doggy heaven, and he is having a great time playing wishing the boy was there!

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im just glad that your still here with us,thats all that matters.......put on something tvish :)

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Comfort him, not much else one can do right now - this is the most painful part....

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