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VELM VELM 66-70 7 Answers May 11, 2011

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are you sure you want to use the word defend, that would mean to me you supported him. Thats sounds great, you are a outstanding woman, not many women would in a financial crisis stick up for thier childs father. (round of applause lady) but whats the problem here i need more info? why would your kids be angry, did u deprive them of something and instead give him..............................(confused)<br />
whatever the case these kids are grown, they shouldnt care too much on that as long as they recieve love and attention from you. something is missing here in the story to me...........ASK YOUR SELF WHAT KIND OF MOTHER YOU THINK YOU ARE? if the answers is a good one, hopefully thats what it is then dont worry about a thing. You did your best to raise them, thier adults now leave them to thier own consience. If it really bothers you then try talking to them about how you feel and that you want to feel like a family and they should welcome you .,if they reject nice to them but live your life. you only have one life

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Sounds like you may be leaving out some important info!<br />
My parents devorced when I was 4yr's old. My mom never talked bad about my dad. In fact she would be the one to stand up for him when us kids would get down on him. That fact only made me love and respect her more.

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i'm divorced & i still defend their dad.......they should learn to respect him & you :-)

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