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I agree with drix. Even if you represent yourself...

Has he already filed for custody? If not, get down to the courthouse and beat him to it. In any case, I don't see how it would be an issue. Gather up some friends as witness to his alcoholism...spill it to the judge. Take some pictures of him passed out....etc....gather evidence.

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I do not believe that any law would allow an alcoholic husband custody of his children. Go and get as much advice as possible and fight him all the way. Try and get somebody to reresent you. I pray to god you will get custody.Take care and good luck. xxx

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Unless he can prove loose morals or drug addiction endangering the children, you should be ok.

Make sure you are dressed conservatively, don't get emotional (a big one I know)and don't get mouthy !

Have all your paperwork organised in a folder.

ALSO, list the individual child's schedule....include school and after school activities...he will be expected to maintain these.....make them overwhelming....lots os sport practice, ballet classes, etc make sure they begin before he gets off work...he'd have to make arrangements to have someone get them there.

The judge looks at what is in the interests OF THE CHILD not the parent, and is aware that children are often pawns in a revenge case.

If any of your children are on special diets or have special medical VERY detailed about what it takes to meet these needs. If they have asthma or allergies, you need to be at call with the school.....can he do this with his work?

All the best

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If there's documentation of his alcohol problem, you don't have anything to wrry about....and the court generally sides with the mother, anyway....

Check with your local legal aid...if there's children involved, or abuse, they will help you, if you don't make too much money...

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I agree with alot of the answers. Beat him to the court house, get testimony (person, papers, etc..) to back up your claim and call ANY court house telling them you need legal aid NOW and WHY. I will pray for you!

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They say if you represent yourself you have a fool for a client. There are plenty of orginazations out there specificly to help mothers in your situation.

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Borrow the money. Sell your body. Whatever you need to do. It's about your kids! Don't sit around and wait for something to happen -- you make it happen! Get an attorney, tell the truth, and it will work out the way it should. Good luck, my friend.

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Stop being the Victim is No. 1. Agreed with fabianscorpio. Gather any evidence and all the friends you can. File first if possible. If you don't not the end of the world. My ex-husband filed first and then verbally abused me over the phone as much as possible (as I believed his Attorney instructed) to wear me down. He didn't get custody. Get a good Attorney, even if you have to take out a loan to pay for it. Make sure you act dignified before the Judge and don't get emotional or mouthy either. It will show the Judge you are unstable. Just what your husbands Attorney is banking on. In court, dress like you are going to a job interview at a fortune 500 company for the job of your life. Good Luck!

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Legal aid. They are only available to help you in a divorce if you are fighting for the kids...

find them in your area...

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Best wishes to you. This sounds like a messy situation and I hope it all turns in your favor. It really sucks that he has the money for a decent attorney and you will be stuck with a court appointed one. But my guess is that even with those issues, you will still be able to keep custody. Take good care.

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Over here we have Legal Aid!

That is help for those who cannot afford Legal Assistance!

Do you not have anything like that?

BUT,as DRIX said!..."WHERE's The Problem?"

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Wait.. You're the children's mother, he's an alcoholic.. where's the problem?

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