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It feels much shorter when you spend your time anxious. Please consider getting help, it really can teach you the tools to enjoy life more

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I battle with that. What I learned is that there's two sides. The mental and physical. I bet your anxiety is worse in the morning. The has to do with cortisol and low blood sugar. Eat more carbs and try to tell the mental **** that its not going to control you!

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Anyone who tells you life is short is very very wrong, if you compare our existence to something like the universe, then I suppose 50-80 years may seem short but much happens in those years.

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:) JUST DRINK lots of water... do some breathing exercises..and eat healthy..sleep properly...

dont stress ur mind..

your worries will not be forever!


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nope not really.

human life span is 60 - 100++ yrs old


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