not too long ago some pressure was put on my elbow and now it hurts to do anything with it, ive been keeping it wrapped and its starting to get slightly swollen and hurt worse, what could be wrong with it and what should i do about it?
dafuckisthisshit dafuckisthisshit 18-21, F 5 Answers Sep 19, 2012 in Health

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It could also be nerve damage. Go to the doctor if you can.

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Hey, Doc. It hurts every time I move my arm like this.

Don't move your arm like that.

(Seriously, see a doctor!)

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yeah, you should probably get off your computer and go straight to the doctor before you make your injury worse, or start trying to self-diagnose.

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You might have sprained it or pulled a tendon. You should go to a doctor and see if you need muscle relaxants or x-rays.

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