I never told my mom. I needed to tell someone.
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If a man hits a woman, he need to be turned into the police and go to jail. I suggest the first time and chance you get, get out of their now! It will never change and it will get worse. If he gets away with it once, he will be doing it over and over until he may kill you. GET OUT NOW!

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You need to leave him. It will only escalate.

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Find someone else...he is not worth it...

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Get a great dane, or a pitbull. A big dog. Then when he hits you again say, "If you do that again my dog will rip your leg off, then my dad will beat you with it." Then break up with him.

I had some pervy guys at my school who kept bothering me, i told one of my friends about them and he freaked out and next time he saw those guys he said that. They didint bother me again afterwords. If that story makes any sense at all ^^

But yeah, dump him now.

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I'm a guy-leave need better and can don better.See I dont know you but I embrassed to say but I've hit my sister in the past when I was in middle school.To this day Im 19 and I still feel bad and I'm sure Ive hurt her maybe???Dont accept it happpens once it will happen again.But I've asked God to help me with better ways its rare to change you have to want it.But yea babe do better.

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tell your mom now, tell the police now, tell everybody you know NOW!

change your phone #, change your email, change your locks.

don't give this worthless piece of crap a molecule more of your time or energy.

NOW NOW NOW before we hear that he killed you. he won't stop.

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Dump him. He doesn't deserve you if he's a lowlife like that.

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you realy should be saying my exboyfriend hit me.

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well leave him do not put up with that, there is always someone better out there who will not hit women

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Leave....leave him now.

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It is not normal nor is anything such as hitting justifiable. I know love makes us stay when we know things are wrong, but abuse usually get's worse. Don't wait until there are children involved, or until you've accepted it for so long that you think it's normal. I PROMISE you will find someone else who will not hit you. Please break it off. Even if you don't report it!

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How many times has this happened? is it a reguar thing

or has it only happened a couple times?

how long have you been with this guy?

Have you ever talked to him about this?

you should tell him that your Not going to put up with

him hitting you and if he does it again that your going to leave him.

and if he hits you after that you should not only leave him

but file charges against him Because that will start a process in

his life to make him see that this kind of thing is Not ok.

and then it will be documented buy police so if he hits anybody

else in the same way down the road the police can see that its

not an isolated incident but rather and ongoing problem with him.

that way they can start a correction plan on the guy.

You need to do this so the guy can face the fact that he has to change this.

People like that will probably just continue with the behavior so long as he

is getting away with it in life with no consequences.

That's why some negative consequences need

to come into his life that are directly related to this behavior. And that is where

YOU come into the picture. You need to Address this with him. Tell him that

its not right for him to hit you and that your not going to put up with it.

And if he does it after that you need send a message to the guy... buy

walking away from him and "reporting it." You should also tell him that

maybe he should seek counseling or find some other way to vent

his frustrations. Anger management classes or something else.

Just dont let this go on.

Also > If you are familiar with his parents maybe you should talk to them about it

too. Tell them what is going on... so they can address it with the guy and maybe

get him some help.

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hit him back or just getaway from him

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