I love the rest of my job, and If I quit I get deported.
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But send your boss a blackspot from It's time for him/her to hear what you think (you'll remain anonymous). Your message will stay on the Internet for many months for the whole world to read.

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how much of the "evil" is purely focussed on you? if she spreads it's a lot of bosses from h*ll. i read your blog, she leaves 3 o4 times a day.........we should all be so lucky :-)

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Run....and live to fight another day

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i work

for his/her



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OMG! I can relate to having a crappy boss. I worked for a company for 6 1/2 years and had the most unbelieveable boss I have ever had to work for. She could be the most cold-hearted, cruel, plotting


You can try reporting /him/her, if that would do any good. It never worked for me, no matter how far above her head I tried to go. My former boss had too much weight in the company and always made my complaints seem petty and childish. I would try going above your boss's head and if it did no good, I would look for another job before quiting the one you currently have.

From my experience, if your boss truly has it "in" for you then he/she will see that you are eventually terminated. That is what happened to me, I was fired, it was unjust and unfair, but I was just an average employee with no real power or proof. My boss always seemed to have a way to satisfy the board with her exaggerated reports and accounts of what "really" happened behind closed doors.

You need to weigh your consequences. What will impact you more? Staying at a job with an evil boss? Finding other employment? Quit and be deported? Or, get fired, then get deported, and have a tarnished job record?

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NO !! Not at all. Builds character. When he leaves , and it will happen, give yourself a pat on the back for me. Charge.

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