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In1of his previous relation ships he had a son, he got to hold his son1time since he was born&then the girl,or the ex just took the son away,the ex being careless,his son ended up in foster care,he got so concerned, worried&broken up that he even went the lengths&even through much resistance&reluctance he became the bigger man&had her father watch over him because the son was all the way in California while he was in Boston@the time, but the father died,of drug overdose.he wants his son back but he has no idea where to begin, me and my boy friend , soon to be fiance, both live in Florida now, and his son is about a year old he was born June 2 of last year and he feels he is loosing time, where would my boy even begin to start on getting his son back, and getting him closer into his arms and into his custody where hes safe?if any one can help it would be greatly appreciated. please&thank you. feel free to email answers as well -xoxox-meg
asiknowit asiknowit 18-21, F 1 Answer Aug 26, 2012 in Struggles

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